Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who's a nerd? Me.

I try to get up before Bubba in the morning because even 10 minutes alone is heaven. But this morning I had no sooner brushed my teeth and he was UP and immediately attached to me in the way two surfaces become attached when both are coated with a case of superglue. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled with this. MotHman has worked approximately 12 - 28 hour days for the past 11 so Bubba has been my CONSTANT companion.Did I mention CONSTANT? Anyhoo, MotHman came home for a minute and took Bubba outside. aaaah. So I got busy with Mr.Dyson and then I turned the TV to a non cartoon channel for once and low and behold HIGHLANDER was on. Holy perfect moment. Clean floors, Highlander and Bubba in the care of someone else. Did I mention perfect?
But alas all perfect things must come to an end. I got to watch approximately 22 seconds of Highlander before MotHman returned Bubba and brought along CrazyKid for some fun. So now I'm listening to the wonderous sound of Bubba and CrazyKid trying to pop mylar balloons. Joy.

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