Friday, March 20, 2009

cave in.

So, yes, I caved. I decided to try to make this blog a little more "readable for everyone". That's not to say there won't be a curse word here or there since, sadly, that's how I talk. You should have heard me when I was preggers, all that testoterone from Bubba surging right up through my words. So anyway, the tone I had set with the previous post was buggin me (and the Gran - haha) so I deleted it. 
Today let's talk about moth balls. Not the male moths reproductive organs but the stinky little balls of god only knows what that have invaded my life. The Florida Mimi has spread them EVERYWHERE. She's raging a war against lizard poop. Not necessarily lizards, just their poop. So anywhere there is poop a mothball is sure to be found. Unfortunately this has caused a pervasive stink all around our house. Thank God it hasn't permeated the inside, yet. The laundry room is filled with them and so there is no lazy happening with laundry chores. I'm terrified that my clean laundry will take on the scent and I'll go out into the world smelling like someone's great great great aunt Mildred. No offense to great great great aunts or anyone named Mildred. 

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