Thursday, March 26, 2009

muchos grossos.

Yay, a new Mexican restaurant just opened in Paradise so I haul the whole fam damily out to dinner. So excited since, 1. I love mexican food and 2. I love love love margaritas. So off we go excited about the prospect of yummy fajitas in MotHman's case and anything with salsa verde and cheese and of course tequila in my case. I think the Bubba was just happy to be taking a ride. So we walk into "Agave" (seriously, a mexican restaurant named after the root of tequila has to be good. Right?) all agog with anticipation and excitement. We get seated and soon arrives the ubiquitous chips and salsa so of course we dig in. My judgement - chips not salty enough, salsa with an odd aftertaste. Still that didn't dampen my excitement over the thought of a MARGARITA! Noone can screw up tequila and lime juice. Right? Right?! Well evidently it can be done. Because I was so very thankful that I had ordered a small (thinking I could have 2 that way.) and didn't have to sit there watching a large margarita slowly sink to it's watery grave as the ice melted. So then along comes our comida. (that's food for you anglos) Muchos Grossos Senorita. The chicken in the fajitas was red. Maybe some special breed of chicken or maybe they were attempting to replicate the mexican flag. Now for all of you that don't know what a taquito is I'll explain. You take your shredded chicken and some cheese (cheddar, jack or my favorite, queso blanco) and roll it in a tortilla nice and tight about the size of a cigar, then you deep fry that sucker and yum yum. 

But what they give you at "Agave" (insert snort of derision) is chopped chicken with cheese "sauce" folded into a tortilla just like a buritto then pressed on a sandwich press. Personally I feel that a sandwich press has no business whatsoever in a mexican kitchen. Then they cut it into 3 pieces and served it as taquitos. My disappointment was the size of the Grand Canyon. 
We ate a little, then MotHman asked for a to go container. I looked at him like "WHAT?!" But he just scraped all that stuff right into the to go. And asked for la cuenta. Now let me just reiterate, we had:
Fake-o taquitos
1 Small margarita
1 Coors Light
And the grand total was $52.00
Agave es mucho loco!!!


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