Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chairs. Part Trois

So I've solved the chair dilemna for the moment. I had seen some armed rattan and wicker dining chairs at Ballarddesigns.com and they were on sale and I had a promo code and they are offering free shipping, which brought them to $110 each. Great price, no? Well, actually, no. It turns out that though the shipping is technically free, there is a $29.95 processing fee. And if that wasn't enough to make me say Jesus in front of the choir there was also a $30 oversized package fee. Per chair. So while the chairs are a great price at $110 they do not fit my definition of a great price at, let's see $220 + $29.95 + 60 = $309.95.  So each chair was then $154.63. And did I mention that to get them at the $110 price I would have had to buy "Red" chairs and then paint them white since I do not want to own red chairs. So anyhoo, it did at least give me the idea to look at some armed dining chairs. haha, dining chairs toting little AK47s. I should say dining chairs with arms. and that sent me to Target, which then sent me to WalMart, which led me to these beauties than can be left as they are or painted and will be oh so much more comfortable with the great cushions I'm hoping I can convince The Gran to make for them. And since they are "outdoor" furniture I can use them on my porch. That is if I ever have a porch again, since technically the new house (in Deliverance County, on Squeal like a Pig Lane - that's another post) doesn't have a porch. Yet. 

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