Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crime and punishment

Normally my patience with The Bubba is at levels I associate with Mother Theresa. I have only used spanking twice and it didn't have the desired affect, so I stick with talking to, taking things away, and timeouts but today I hit my absolute limit of him chasing the Black Dog, who had the pukey and bloody poopy all day yesterday. So right after he swatted her on the head with a pirate sword I swatted him n the butt with my hand. Which I like to think of as a built in pirate sword. Then I sat him on the couch and told him that from now on if he hit the dogs I was hitting him. Way to give a consequence you won't follow through on Ame. All I got from him was a dirty look so I thought "well maybe that will work." But one should never underestimate the power of a Bubba with a vendetta. While I read some emails, he proceeded to poop and pee on the couch. With me sitting right next to him. Now some may say that's par for the course when potty training, but I swear, when I said to him "did you just go potty on the couch?" he looked at me with complete satisfaction in his eyes.

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