Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time Change Smime Change

The last time change had Bubba up so screwed up I felt like I had a newborn, so I approached this morning like mission impossible. After the requisite diaper change (performed lovingly by the man of the house) I laid perfectly still for 28 minutes, then ever so slowly raised my head only to see a wee arm flailing about in the crib. Head back down and shallow breathing for another 12 minutes. Sliding silently from under the covers I slid to the floor in a move that could only be described as catlike and steathily crawled on hands and knees past the crib to the door. Opening it as quietly as I could, I slid through the miniscule opening only to come face to butt with Yellow Dog's tail which started wagging with ferocity in anticipation of some new game. After making a horrible shush face at her I slid the lower half of my body out of the doorway and popped up like a drunk jack in the box. Yellow Dog not having gotten the hint that this was a mission, not a game jumped up and proceeded to beat the armoir like a drum with her tail. As my heart stopped for fear that the noise would wake Bubba I quickly shut the bedroom door. Looked at Yellow Dog with murder in my eyes and stood statue like for 2 minutes. 
It worked! Ah sweet alone time. And worth every cent of my diginity. 

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